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Let us organise your Event - from A to Z

DELICE EVENTS is specialised in Events & Yacht Events of any kind. May it be your company event, your wedding celebration, your brithday party or music parties - we can do it and we do have the experience, yachts and suppliers to accommodate almost any kind of request.

Based on our experiences in event organisation, management as well as technical experience dating back to 1991, which started in Germany with the organisation of small and medium sized rock concerts and went on to bigger concerts with up to 8,000 people, from 1993 onwards the organisation and execution of outdoor & indoor techno parties and festivals in Germany, Austria and Italy with audiences of up to 15,300 people, we take great confidence in our skills.

Our staff are having experience in the UAE since 1998 and have executed major incentive events including the coordination of charters with up to 14 yachts per trip, desert safaris with up to 90 off-road vehicles per trip and life performances, however, because of our love for yachts we now dedicate our skills mainly to yacht events.

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